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Vino Artino is different!

We’re not only a BYOB Painting Studio in Houston… we’re also a BYOB Craft Studio!

We put a different twist on the Paint and Wine venues in Houston!  We use a variety of tools and techniques to create our paintings.  Some are created using texture, while others are abstracts using nothing but sponges and spray bottles.  But that’s not all….we paint on wood, wine glasses, wine bottles and various crafts!   The novice painter is always top of mind and that’s why we use vinyl stencils or pre-sketch many of our paintings to make it as easy as possible.  This way, you can enjoy your wine rather than needing it to relieve the stress of drawing!  

Whether you’re interested in a Kids Painting Party or Paint and Wine for Adults, we have something for everyone!  You can find our canvas painting options in our Art Gallery on the left side of this page.  If it’s just a fun night out that you’re looking for…we have regularly scheduled Art Classes that anyone can join.  Still not sure which Wine and Paint venue in Houston to attend?  Search our reviews on any site.  Our customers will tell you all about us!

Art Classes for Kids

Painting Classes for Kids are only $25 per painter and generally scheduled on Saturday mornings and during school holidays in the afternoon.  They are also welcomed to attend our Painting Classes on Tuesdays that are open to everyone.  During the holidays, we frequently schedule family art classes and craft classes where each person is able to paint part of a set.  That doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to paint with your child.  Kids Painting is for everyone!

You’ll find that we have a large selection of artwork specially designed for our Kids Painting Classes.  Almost all are sketched in advance to make painting effortless and simple!  Because of this, we have the ability to create a wide variety of paintings that appeal to children.  Kids Art Classes should be fun and we want them to be proud of their paintings when they leave.  So if they want to change the colors…no problem.  Just let us know in advance and we’ll have it ready when they arrive.  If you’re wondering about age restrictions, our answer is that it’s up to you.  Although we have some paintings that are designed with little ones in mind, we’ve found that age does not always determine skill level and so we leave that decision to the parents.

Art Camp

Our Summer Art Camp is comprised of canvas painting as well as craft classes.  You can sign up by the day or by the week (for which you receive a discounted rate).  Some of the crafts we’ve created in the past were t-shirts, flip flops, tv trays, a variety of wood crafts and made our own spa kits. Sometimes we’ll create mixed media art using a variety of materials.  We’ve made photo collages and other times had fun using chalk pastels.  It’s always something different!

Painting Parties

We’re very popular for Kids Painting Parties!  You can reserve the studio and spend a fun afternoon with friends, your scout group, team event or to celebrate a birthday.  As far as we’re concerned, the studio is yours during this time to use as you wish.  Decorate if you like and bring what ever you want to eat and drink.  Select any painting from our Art Gallery under Kids Painting.  If there are special circumstances where you would like to offer more than one painting because girls and boys are attending, it’s not a problem, we can easily do that!  You need a minimum of eight painters to reserve our studio for a private event.  It’s a 2 hour party plus an additional 30 minutes allowed for the arrival of your guests.

Interested in a Paint and Sip party for adults?  We have a beautiful studio located in the NW Area of Houston.  We’re conveniently located on Louetta Rd. less than a mile from Hwy. 249 and about 3 miles from Grand Parkway.  It’s easy access from most areas of the city.

Celebrate any occasion with Birthday Paint Parties, Bachelorette Paint Parties, Team Building Painting or Girl’s Night Out Painting.  Choose from either a 2 Hour Painting Party for $35 per person or 3 Hour for $45 per person.  Discounted rates are offered for week day parties that end by 6 pm.

If you want us to travel to you, that’s not a problem!  It’s a minimum of 10 painters, and no travel charge or additional fees.  You supply the tables and chairs, we’ll take care of the rest!

BYOB Painting Houston

Our studio is different than any other offering Painting in Houston.  We have a wide variety of painting styles and techniques that you can’t find anywhere else.  Our paint and drink classes consist of Wood Art, Glass Painting, Wine Glass Painting, Wine Bottle Painting as well as Canvas Painting.  Many of our paintings are sketched in advance.  For others, we use vinyl stencils as templates, particularly for our wood art classes.  If you’re looking for something new and different for Date Night Painting or Couples Painting, we have a variety of options to choose from.

You can find our regularly scheduled classes by clicking on the “Classes” link.  This brings up a calendar showing the painting and class times for each day.  Reservations are highly encouraged.  This ensures a seat will be available and it also allows us to be prepared for your arrival.  If you are meeting  friends, please let us know so we can make sure we reserve seats for your group to ensure you are able to sit together.

Bring anything you would like to eat or drink.  We have all the basic supplies, such as glasses, ice, snack plates, openers, forks, and napkins.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!  Email us at Louetta@VinoArtino.com or call (281) 251-1175.

Paint and Sip Houston has never been so much fun!