Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a class?

Kid’s Classes are $25, 2 Hour Classes – $35, 3 Hour Classes – $45 and Baby Showers – $35

Do I need to make reservations?

Yes.  There is advanced preparation that goes into a class.  This particularly applies to craft classes.  Plus, there are times when classes are sold out.  Advanced reservations not only ensure that you have a seat, but that we are ready for you when you arrive.  Reservations can be made online or by calling us.

Can I sit with my friends?

Absolutely!  The main reason we assign seats in advance is to be sure friends are able to sit together.  If everyone is paying individually, please include a note when making reservations.  This will allow us to prepare in advance rather than asking others to move which can be upsetting to them.

Can I paint with my child?

Yes!  Many parents paint with their child.  If you have a teen that would like to attend an adult class, that’s fine as long as you attend with them.  The cost is determined by the class and not the age of the individual.

What time should I arrive?

You can arrive as early as 30 minutes in advance.  We recommend at least 10 to 15 minutes to give you enough time to settle in with your beverages and snacks before class begins.

Can we bring food and drinks?

Definitely!  Feel free to bring whatever you like to eat or drink.  There are no limitations.  We provide glasses, ice, openers, snack plates and most of the supplies you may need.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our policy is 24-hour advance notice for our regular classes and 7 day advance written notice for private parties and offsite events.  This allows time for us to make these seats available to others.

What if I am artistically challenged?

We design our paintings to make it as easy as possible.  If it’s a person, house, fancy writing, etc., it will be pre-sketched or vinyl stencils will be provided.  This information will be noted in the detailed description of that painting or craft.

Can I change colors?

Definitely!  It’s your painting.  Feel free to make any changes you like.  Just let us know in advance and we’ll have the paints ready when you arrive.


**  Please note that it  is a violation of the law for anyone under 21 years of age to consume alcohol.