Wood Art Workshops 

Here’s how it works;

Unlike our traditional canvas painting classes where everyone paints the same thing…these are workshops in which you create your own pallet, in any color you wish and everyone works at their own pace.

All pallets are sanded and put together prior to your arrival.  If you prefer the boards to be staggered, just let us know.

  • Scroll below to find available design choices… or you can forward a special request.
  • There is no charge for Add On’s.  These are extras that you can add to your design, along with names, dates or quotes. 
  • If you a name pallet that involves a cursive font, we will forward several in advance for your selection and approval.  
  • Once the above is completed, we will create vinyl stencils that will be used as a templates to paint your design.
  • Advanced Reservation of at least 48 hours is required.  The sizing and printing of each vinyl template takes time and can not be completed with short notice.
  • Go to our Class schedule and select the class/date you plan to attend.  
  • Choose your pallet size.  Upon checkout, write in your design choice under “Order Notes” to the right of your name or email us at Louetta@VinoArtino.com.
  • It’s not necessary to arrive at 6 pm, but anticipate it taking several hours and plan accordingly.  This is not a quick process.
  • Instructors will be available for help, advice….and to provide whatever paint colors you choose!