Couples Painting Classes Houston

Couples are always looking for new date night ideas. Well, the next time you are looking to go out, why not try a paint-and-sip class?  At our couples painting classes, each of you will complete half of a painting, that when hung together makes a whole.  You both will enjoy a relaxing and romantic evening painting together, drinking your favorite wine, and maybe even learning a new skill.

Vino Artino is Houston’s best painting studio. Unlike other studios, we have an abundance of options for you to choose from so you can have the best experience possible.You need only come with booze in hand, and leave with a collaborative masterpiece for you both to appreciate. We take care of set-up, clean-up, and will provide everything you may need to enjoy your beverage at its full potential.

How Do Classes Work?

Our classes are easily modified to accommodate a couple. We offer couples options for several paintings that will give each person a canvas to create half of the presented image so they can be combined and displayed together. Don’t worry if you haven’t painted before, or you don’t think you’ll be good at it. Our classes are designed with beginners in mind. We break up a painting into easy to follow steps, and will even sketch out complicated shapes or provide stencils for you. We want you to just focus on painting, not the frustration that drawing can cause.

We are also a BYOB studio and encourage you to bring your favorite drink. The most popular drink to accompany a night of painting is wine, but we do not restrict you to certain beverages so bring whatever you’d like. We have ice buckets, glasses, corkscrews and bottle openers to make it easy.

What Sets Us Apart?

Vino Artino is proud to offer people several options for their experience. We have the typical canvas painting classes, but we also offer painting classes on wood pallet signs and glass items like wine glasses and bottles. Our owner and instructor, Connie, knows that painting can be hard for beginners so she will be sure to walk through each step thoroughly so each painter understands what they need to do to make their masterpiece.

When you take a class with us, you are the artist, and you ultimately call the shots. If you would like to customize your color palette, we’d be happy to get the new color ready for you. Let us know what we can do and we will make it happen! We just ask for you to give us a heads up when you book with us.

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Ready for a perfectly romantic date night? We want to give you a great experience. Give us a call at 281.251.1175 or contact us here today!