Paint and Drink

Paint and Drink
Paint and Drink Classes and Parties

The first thing you will notice about your paint and drink class at Vino Artino is the atmosphere.  It’s relaxed and fun, filled with people looking forward to spending time with friends.  The bonus is that you will leave with your own masterpiece.  Our paint and drink classes are designed with the novice painter in mind.  Many paintings are drawn in and instruction is broken down into simple steps.  Wood pallet painting allows each person to choose their own design and colors.  Plus, there’s a reason we encourage you to paint and drink wine… it takes the edge off.  Who knows, you might just get adventurous and paint something completely different!  

The fact that we offer so many art choices at Vino Artino makes our drink and paint classes unique.  There are numerous ways to express creativity and we’re always looking for something new.  Currently, we offer painting on canvas, wood sign painting, woodcrafts, burlap, wine glasses or making your own spa bath and body products.  No other paint and drink wine places offers the variety that we do.   

Getting together with friends, laughing and sharing a creative moment together is what a paint and drink party is truly about.  

Get The Girls

Groups of eight or more are able to reserve our studio for a paint and drink party.  It’s kinda nice to have the place all to yourself.  If you don’t have that many, we have regularly scheduled art classes that you can join including wood sign workshops.  Another bonus is our Rewards Program which gives you the ability to earn discounts for each online purchase.  It’s our way of saying thank you to those who continue to enjoy a wine and art  night with us.

So call the girls, decide on a date and make your reservations for a girls night with us today!

Paint and Drink Parties

At Vino Artino, we put a twist on family fun night out.  Our paint and drink wine venue allows you to enjoy an evening in our studio accompanied by your favorite bottle of wine, or any other beverage the family may enjoy.  We are not a 21+ studio, meaning we are responsible with our groups and ensure that only those who are of legal age are responsibly partaking in adult beverages, while still being able to keep the whole group together unlike other venues.

Don’t just let the fun end after your family night.  Book a private paint and drink party with Vino Artino whether it’s for a family reunion, an adults night out or even a child’s birthday party.  Family events can be difficult to find something both children and adults will enjoy.  But that’s not the case with us.  Painting together as a family is not just something to do for the day, it’s about creating memories for years to come.

With all the ways express your creativity, Vino Artino is the perfect way to spend family time or that much cherished date night.   You will be ready to schedule your next session before you leave.  The fun never has to stop when you choose our paint and sip studio as your go-to activity in Houston.

Contact Us Today

We have a beautiful studio located near you in the NW corner of Houston, next to Cypress, Spring and Tomball.  We’re less than a mile from Hwy. 249 and about 3 miles from Grand Parkway.  It’s easy access from almost anywhere in the city.

If you are interested in finding out more about our paint and drink classes, or want to reserve Vino Artino for an party or just want to talk to one of our in house artists then contact us today!

You can also call our Houston, TX office at 281.251.1175