Paint and Drink

Paint and Drink
Friends, Fun and a bit of Vino

Paint and Drink Nights at Vino Artino are about expressing your creativity and relaxing.  Experienced artists don’t attend.  It’s actually a group of friends looking forward to an evening out and creating memories together.   Because of this, all our paint and drink classes are designed with the novice painter in mind.  Our canvas paintings are drawn in and instructions are broken down into simple steps.  We want you to be proud of your masterpiece so we do all we can to make sure it’s something you will proudly display.  That makes it more likely you’ll show it to your friends and they will join you on your next outing with us.  Plus, there’s a reason we encourage you to paint and drink wine… a bit of vino takes the edge off.  Who knows, you might just get adventurous and feel free to explore your creative side!  

Paint and Drink Night

The fact that we offer so many art choices is what makes our paint and drink night so unique.  No one else offers the variety that we do.  There are so many ways to express your creativity and we’re always looking for something new.  Currently, you’ll find paint and drink class choices such as painting on canvas, woodcrafts and wood sign workshops, burlap painting and wine glass painting.  Plus, you can make your own bath and body products at our spa classes.  Without a doubt, you’ll find more paint and drink choices at Vino Artino than anywhere else.   

Call The Girls

Do you need to unwind?  Call the girls, because a paint and drink class is in your future.  You will have a variety of classes to choose from, and whatever you decide you’ll have a great time.  We provide all the materials and our instructors are with you throughout your evening to assist as needed.  Since this is a paint and drink wine studio, don’t forget the vino.  We provide wine glasses, snack plates and other basic supplies to make your night complete.

Paint and Drink Wine

What’s a paint and drink wine night all about?  It’s kind of like a Pinterest class paired with your favorite adult beverage and surrounded by people who make you happy.  These classes are fun, and believe it or not… relaxing.  Even if you’re better at sipping on your wine than painting, you’ll have a great time.  After all, there’s a reason that so many of these venues are popping up.  It’s because they’re so damn fun!

So call the girls, decide on a date and make your reservations for a girls night with us today!

Contact Us Today

Our studio located in the NW corner of Houston, next to Cypress, Spring and Tomball.  We’re less than a mile from Hwy. 249 and about 3 miles from Grand Parkway.  It’s easily accessible from almost anywhere in the city.

If you are interested in finding out more about our paint and drink classes, or want to reserve our studio for a party or just want to talk to one of our in house artists then contact us today!  Or, call our Houston, TX studio at 281.251.1175.