Painting for Kids

Painting for Kids
Creative memories for years to come!

When we first opened our wine and paint studio in 2011, painting classes for kids was an important part of what we wanted to offer.  We focused on developing canvas paintings specifically for kids of all ages.   It didn’t take long for word to get out.  We quickly became a popular, and that is still the case today.  Many of the children in the early days had siblings who were infants.  We feel truly blessed that those infants have now been painting with us for the last several years.  So, if you’re searching for a paint night for kids then look no further.  We offer a large selection of canvas paintings for kids and teens.

Canvas Painting Classes for Kids

Parents frequently ask if there’s a minimum age requirement.  Our response is no.  We’ve found that some as young as four will do a better job than some eight year old’s.  It really depends upon the child.   

If you’ve been searching for a studio that offers canvas painting for kids in the Houston area, look no further.  We have regularly scheduled art classes in which each child is able to select their own painting.  We’ll be there to guide them step by step through the completion of it.  Because drawing and painting are very different skills, we draw it in for them.  Creativity should be fun and in the end, we want them to be proud of their masterpiece. 

If you’re wondering about age restrictions, our answer is that it’s up to you.  We have found that age does not always determine skill level and so we leave that decision to the parents.

Paint Night for Kids

Paint night for kids includes a more than just canvas painting.  We also offer things like kids wood signs or making their own bath bombs in one of our spa classes.  Kids love being creative and for that reason we are continually exploring new options for them to express it.  Parents are welcome to paint along with their child at any time.  Creating something together can be a special memory for many years to come, and we welcome the opportunity to be part of it.

It’s About the Choices

What’s a paint and sip for kids?  Basically, it’s any art class with a lot choices.  It could be canvas painting for kids, woodcrafts or burlap painting.  Woodcrafts include a lot of holiday decorations that are always a kids favorite.  There are small yard signs or wood blocks that are perfect for counters and mantels.  It’s perfect for family time, and long after your child has grown it will be a special memory of your time together.

Where We’re Located

We are located in the NW area of Houston next to Spring, Cypress, Tomball.  For those traveling a longer distance, we are easily accessible to Grand Parkway and Hwy. 249. 

Contact Us Today!

If you are searching for a studio that offers painting for kids, just stop by our Houston location or contact us here. We can’t wait to meet you!