Burlap Painting Classes

Burlap Painting Classes are the newest addition to our wine and art choices.  There are so many forms of art … why would we limit what is offered?  For that reason, we are always on the lookout for new ideas.  For those of you who like our wood pallet paintings, but prefer something that is more traditional and can be framed, burlap painting classes are the perfect alternative! 

The creative process for our burlap painting classes are a lot like our wood signs but doesn’t take as long because you don’t have to paint the background.  You have a choice between three sizes, plus a variety of designs that can be found below.  Once your order is received, we will be able to create a vinyl stencil to use as a template to make your design.  This makes the process so much easier!  

There are three sizes that you are able to choose from.  All are standard frame sizes that you can find at any store.  This allows you to find the frame color and design that you like and within a budget you can afford.  As for colors, that’s something you can decide when you arrive.  There are three options for background colors, plus a large selection of color options for your design.

Here’s how it works…

  • Custom designs require a minimum advance notice of 48 hours.
  • Go to our “Classes” page and select the class you would like to attend.
  • Choose your size and “add to cart”.
  • During the checkout process, write your design code in a box titled “Order Notes” which is to the right of your name, or email Louetta@VinoArtino.com

Small:  8″ x 10″  –  $15

Medium:  11″ x 14″  –  $25

Large:  16″ x 20″  –  $35

Burlap Painting
Three sizes to choose from. Frames not included.