Wood Crafts

I’ve always enjoyed creating various types of Art.  I love painting… but sometimes I just feel like being “crafty”.  This new category represents that. And if you start to get that craft craving, join me for one of my craft classes in Houston! 

Our wood crafts are a great alternative to traditional art classes for kids and adults.  Around the holidays, we have art classes for the family.  Each person is able to create their part of a set to decorate for the holidays.  It’s not only a fun activity that everyone can do together, but it also creates memories for years to come!

We offer a variety of wood crafts.  They make great personalized gifts, are useful throughout the year, and others are centered around the holidays.  I have a lot of new ideas that I hope to add in the near future.  Check back regularly to find out what’s new!

Pricing differs for each.  Click on the photo for each category to find sizes, pricing and design choices.