Kids Painting Parties

Kids Painting Parties are a great way to spend a fun afternoon with friends, your scout group, team event or to celebrate a birthday.  As far as we’re concerned, the studio is yours during this time to use as you wish.  Decorate if you like and bring whatever you want to eat and drink.  You can choose your own painting, or up to two if there are special circumstances …such as girls and boys are attending.  That’s something we can easily do.

You only need a minimum of eight painters at a cost of $25 per person to reserve our studio for a private event.  Our Kid’s Painting Parties are 2 hour and consists of about 75 minutes of painting and the rest of the time to use as you wish.  There’s no deposit and no additional fees.  So that your party starts on time, we provide an additional 30 minutes prior to the start of your party to allow time for your guests to arrive.  There’s no charge for this and it does not count toward your 2 hour party time.

Art Classes for Kids

Kids Painting Classes are only $25 and generally scheduled on Saturday mornings and school holidays.  Family Painting Classes are scheduled around holidays.  In this case, each person paints part of a set to decorate…it may be a canvas painting or wood crafts.  It’s always something different!

We have a large selection of artwork specially designed for our Kids Painting Classes.  Almost all are sketched in advance.  Because of this, we have the ability to create a wide variety of paintings that appeal to children.  Kids Art Classes should be fun and we want them to be proud of their paintings! Although we have some paintings that are designed with little ones in mind, we’ve found that age does not always determine skill level and so we leave that decision to the parents.

Art Camp

Our Summer Art Camp is comprised of canvas painting as well as craft classes.  You can sign up by the day or by the week (for which you receive a discounted rate).  Some of the crafts we’ve created in the past were t-shirts, flip flops, tv trays, a variety of wood art and made our own spa kits. We’ve used a variety of materials to create art, made photo collages and other times had fun using chalk pastels.  There’s always something new!