2 Hour Painting Classes

2 Hour Painting Classes
It’s just relaxing…

Vino Artino began as a paint and sip studio offering only canvas painting classes.  But times have changed.  Now, we offer so much more!

Originally, we wanted our paintings to be useful as well as fun.  So, we use sponges to smear paint, spray bottles to watch it drip and splatter which is just and fun.  But after a while, we decided to branch out.  There are so many forms of art, why not offer other choices to our painting classes?  So now your choices include wood signs, burlap signs, wine glass painting and spa products.  We still have our 2 hour and 3 hour painting classes, which is still a favorite for many.  

We now offer Open Painting Classes.  These allow each person the ability to choose their own painting.  Yep, you no longer have to paint the same thing.   If you are worried that we will abandon you, don’t.  Our instructor will be with you the entire time to guide you through each step and offering helpful hints if needed.  Because it takes time to get ready for you, we ask that you notify us in advance of your painting choice which can be found below.  Then, you can walk in, open your wine or favorite beverage and get ready to paint!  

Painting Parties

Interested in a private painting party for adults?  You only need a minimum of eight people to reserve our studio for your private event, or ten people for offsite events.  Our cost per person is $29 for a 2 hour canvas painting or $39 for 3 hour canvas painting.

Whether you’re planning a Birthday Painting Party, Bachelorette Painting Party, Team Building Painting, Girl’s Night Out Painting, Date Night Painting or just a group painting party for friends – we know you’ll have a blast!  View our facebook or Instagram pages to view class postings.