Wine Glass Painting

What could be better than a night out with friends to sip and paint wine glasses?  Call us to schedule a wine glass painting party or attend one of our regularly scheduled classes with your bestie.  You have the ability to take total creative liberties to paint your own wine glass.  We provide quotes made from permanent sign vinyl, sponges, paint pens and almost any paint color you could want.  Here’s how our wine glass painting works…  each person is able to paint two wine glasses or bottles in any design.  We provide examples to choose from… or you can create your own.  So call your friends, decide on a date and make your reservations for a byob wine glass painting class before they are sold out.

For those of you who prefer stemless glasses, just let us know.  It’s an alternative we’ll happily provide.  Wine glass painting lasts about 2 hours for two wine glasses or wine bottles which are available during the holidays.  Our bottles do not include the lights, but are available for purchase.  The bottles are drilled to provide a hole in the bottom to insert a string of lights.  It’s best to use no more than 25 lights per string.  Any more will be a lot to place inside the bottles and will likely overheat it.  These not only make great decorations for the holidays but also a decorative lamp for your home.  

Wine Glass Painting Parties

Permanent vinyl quotes are available for those who would like to add them to your design.  We have quotes such as, Wine Diva, Sip Happens, Mommy’s Sippy Cup, Badass and Beautiful and more.  If you have a special request (perhaps a name or phrase), just let us know at least 24 hours in advance.  We’ll happily create it for you but need time to size and print the stencils.  As for paints, we provide many choices and they are all glass paints.  This means you should be able to hand wash your glass without the paint chipping off.  Dishwashers are generally too harsh and not recommended. 

Our wine glass paint nights are not only fun but make great personalized gifts.  Call us or sign up for one of our classes today!

Wine Glass Painting
Mix some paint, with wine and you have a night out with friends!