Wood Sign Painting

Wood Sign Painting is nothing like traditional art classes where everyone has to do the same thing.  Each person is able to choose their own design, in any color and size in order to create their own hand painted wood sign.  This makes wood sign parties an ideal option for groups.  Wood Sign Parties eliminate the struggle of getting everyone to agree on one thing.  The choice is theirs.  This applies to wood sign classes as well.  Wood sign workshops and parties add a natural or rustic feel to your decor whether you are making a wood sign for your home, patio or holiday decorations.  If you would like to know more about how our wood sign painting works, read below;

Custom Designs require 48 hour advance notice

Regular Wood Signs (R Design Code)                                                                        

  •  Mini Pallet $35 (4 boards:  14″ x 16″)                                                       
  • Small Pallet $45  (5 boards:  17″ x 20″)                                                      
  • Medium Pallet $55 (6 boards:  21″ x 24″)                                                  
  • Large Pallet  $65  (7 boards:  24″ x 32″)                                                     
  • XL Pallet  $80  (8 boards:  27″ x 48″)

 Long Wood Signs (L Design Code)

  • Mini Long  $35  (2 boards:  7″ x 24″)
  • Medium Long  $55  (3 boards:  10″ x 32″)
  • Large Long  $65  (4 boards:  14″ x 48″)

Extra boards can be added to any pallet for $5 each.

Wood Sign Painting
Wood Sign Painting Parties and Classes

Select Wood Sign Painting or Woodcrafts in order to find your design choices.  Finally, click on Classes to book your tickets for the wood sign classes you would like to attend.  Once we receive your order, we will create a stencil based on your pallet size and design choice.  This can be an involved process, so we ask that you make your reservations at least a couple of hours before class time.  As for wood sign parties, we’ll need everyone’s order at least two days in advance.  Another bonus… All our pallets are sanded, assembled and ready when you arrive!  

Our wine painting studio is located in the NW area of Houston, near those of you living in Spring, Cypress and Tomball.  If you live further out, both Grand Parkway and Hwy 249 are very close to us.

Mix a bit of wine, an evening with friends and enjoy a stress free night creating your own wood sign. 

Finally, view our facebook or Instagram for photos of of previous wood sign parties and to learn more about us.