Woodcraft Classes

Woodcrafts are my favorite.  Although I love painting… sometimes I just feel like being “crafty” and our woodcraft classes represent that.  These classes allow you to choose from a wide variety of options.  Although we’re frequently adding choices, you will currently find Stove Covers, Bath Trays, Outdoor Signs, Holiday Decorations and our double sided 6′ Porch Signs.  These are huge and can take a long time, but not if you work on it together.  Generally, men are hesitant to come here, but they like wood and these signs are a great date night idea.  

Not only are you able to make woodcrafts for yourself, they also make great gifts.  These are woodcraft classes in which you are in total control.  You choose the size, design and colors to complete your project.  This set up makes it perfect for woodcraft parties too.  So, if you are feeling a bit crafty simply call a friend, grab a bottle of wine and join any of our diy woodcraft classes.  You’ll be glad you did!

Art and Craft Classes

We generally schedule woodcraft classes for all ages on weekend afternoons.  These are specifically intended for family time.  Although not all of our woodcrafts are friendly to little ones, we do offer several that are.  A few examples would be our our small yard signs and wood blocks.  Kids have a vivid imagination.  I love to watch as they drip red “blood” down the stake for our small yard signs.  Simple and creative!  After all, who doesn’t love art and craft classes to decorate for the holidays?  Woodcraft classes are not just fun activity that everyone can do together.  Well after they become adults, they will remember the day they made those yard signs.  Art and craft classes create memories for years to come!

Woodcraft Parties

Woodcraft parties should be fun.  When you and your guests walk in the door, everything will be ready to begin painting.  Although some people don’t mind getting full of sawdust, it’s not my preference for a fun night out.  I’ll admit, there’s a lot more work for us up front, but I think it’s worth it for you to enjoy your evening.  And,  you’ll only be here for about three hours instead of five or six.  Orders for woodcraft parties must be submitted at least two days in advance.  Preparation for a woodcraft party can be very involved and not something that can be done quickly.  It’s important to us that you leave with a hand made woodcraft you are proud of.  

Just reach out to us to determine availability of date and time.  From there, we’ll forward a party agreement which is all we need to hold the space.  Outside of the eight person minimum, there are no additional deposits or fees.  We do our best to make it simple.  Bring whatever you want to eat and drink.  You can have it catered, or decorate. It’s your party and we’ll do our best to work with you.  You can sign up for any of our painting classes, or reserve our studio for private woodcraft parties.  Either way, you’ll be glad you did!

Where to find us!

Located in the NW area of Houston, we are near those of you in Spring, Cypress and Tomball.  If you live further out, both Grand Parkway and Hwy 249 are very close to us.

Finally, view our facebook or Instagram for photos of previous classes, parties and to learn more about us.

Woodcraft Parties are fun for everyone!