Wood Pallet Painting

Wood Pallet Painting
Classes and Private Parties for all ages

There’s nothing like creating your own wood pallet painting, regardless of age or gender.  Unlike traditional paint and sip classes where everyone paints the same thing… wood pallet workshops allows each person to choose their own design and colors.  If you want to add a rustic flare to any area of your home, wood pallet painting is the way to go.  We have hundreds of design choices, or we can create a custom design with at least 48 hour notice.  And, we have more than just wood sign painting for adults or couples.  Kids pallet painting is popular too.  Wood Crafts are another option.  These are things like Photo Boards, Serving or Bath Trays and Holiday Crafts just to name a few.  You will find this isn’t just a fun night out.  Wood pallet painting at Vino Artino is a memory that everyone will enjoy for years to come.

Wood Pallet Painting Parties 

A minimum of eight people is all you need to reserve our studio for a wood pallet painting party.  To determine if a date and time is available, either call (281) 251-1175 or email Louetta@VinoArtino.com.  There are no deposits or additional charges.  We’ll forward a party agreement and work with you on the details to ensure your pallet painting party is a success.

You can limit wood pallet sizes to stay within a budget, or each person can choose whatever they want.  It’s up to you.  Furthermore, we try to make it as easy as possible.  Once your order is placed, a vinyl stencil will be printed to use as a template to create your design.  If you are looking for a pallet paint night, but not interested in construction work, you’re in luck… All our wood pallets are sanded, assembled and ready when you arrive!  

We Want You to Have Fun!

At Vino Artino, our main goal is for you to enjoy yourself.  The Studio is yours during this time! Feel free to decorate, bring food and drinks, or have it catered.  View our facebook or Instagram pages to view the experiences of others.